5 Reasons to Make Swway Your Next Eyewear Purchase

Sustainability has never looked this sexy.

1. You DON'T have to compromise sustainability for fashion.

Did you know that traditional acrylic sunglasses take hundreds of years to decompose? Plastic leads to toxic chemicals and microplastics seeping into surrounding soil and waterways. Swway is the solution. Swway sunglasses are the most sustainable pair you’ll ever own. Compared to conventional frames, Swway uses 33% less C02e emissions, 34% less water, and 82% less waste. You won't only look good in your SWWAY, but you can feel good knowing it’s the sustainable choice.

2. Timeless design for your capsule wardrobe

Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry on Earth. Building a capsule wardrobe with timeless quality pieces is a great way to not contribute to fast fashion. Swway eyewear is the stylish and sustainable accessory that will go with every outfit you own. Swway sunglasses are built for everyday wear and designed for all types of wardrobes.

3. Blue Light Protection from your electronics

The average person spends up to 7 hours looking at digital screens per day. Overexposing your eyes to blue light can cause serious damage to your eyes and physical health. Swway’s blue light glasses are equipped with lenses that reduce exposure to harmful blue spectrum light waves that our screens emit.  Not just sustainable and sexy, Swway is smart.

4. Closed Loop purchase

There is a sustainable way to upcycle your well-loved Swway glasses. You can feel comfortable knowing that, when your Swway glasses' time is up, you can return them to us and give them a graceful end of life through our 360 Program. Our 360 Program, where we upcycle and reuse the materials to create awesome new products! If the items can’t be reused, we make sure all materials are appropriately recycled, composted, or disposed of. In other words, send them to us, and we’ll handle the rest ;)

5. Buy 1, Get 50% Off your 2nd Pair!

Everyone loves a discount. When you buy any pair of Swway glasses, you will get 50% off a second pair. Keep your eyewear fresh and our planet clean!

Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

For a limited time, buy 1 pair of Swway Sunglasses or Blue Light Glasses and get any 2nd pair for 50% off

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