How do I change lenses?

Watch the tutorial video here

How are SWWAY Sunglasses and Lenses Sustainable?

Based on a 3rd Party Life Cycle Assessment, our sunglasses and packaging have 33% less CO2e Emissions, 34% less water usage, and 82% less waste than conventional sunglasses and packaging.  We are also Climate Neutral Certified and BCorp Certified.

How do I dispose of my SWWAY Sunglasses?

We believe in the Circular Responsibility Economy, so you can return your old frames and lenses to us and we will recycle or upcycle them into new products.

Are SWWAY Sunglasses polarized?

In order to make SWWAY Sunglasses more sustainable, the lenses are made out of a material that is not compatible with polarization.

Are SWWAY Sunglass frames compatible with prescription lenses?

Yes! SWWAY frames were built to allow lenses to be easily swapped out for prescription lenses or our blue light filtering lenses.

Is the Blue Light Protection Lens Kit compatible with older models of SWWAY sunglasses?

No. The SWWAY Blue Light Protection Lens Kit for Bonito is compatible with Bonito sunglass frames only and the Blue Light Protection Lens Kit for Sulu is compatible with Sulu sunglass frames only.



How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping in Canada & USA on orders over $20.  We are pleased to offer free standard shipping in Canada & USA on all orders over $20. We truly appreciate your support! Free standard shipping applies to purchases of items on our website. Canada and USA orders under $20 ship for a flat rate. Free International Shipping on Most Orders Over $20 International Shipping on orders under $20 is a flat rate depending on country. We also offer faster shipping options for flat rates ranging from $7 to $9 depending on the destination country.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to almost anywhere in the world!


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